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*The tracking number is composed of 13 characters and is the proof of deposit.

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About tracking-US Official Postal Carrier

US Official Postal Carrier is the official postal service of the United States of America. It is the only authorized postal service to deliver mail throughout the country including military bases abroad, naval and civilian bases in Antarctica.
To track a shipment processed through US Official Postal Carrier you must have identification code (tracking number). This alphanumeric code consists of 13 digits, the first two correspond to the product type (RR for registered mail for example), the following 9 numbers correspond to the number of ships. The last two numbers refer to the shipping country (U.S. for United States).
It is only possible to track certificates (registeded) shipments, First Class, Single or Not registered shipments can not be tracked. It is common that the US Official Postal Carrier does not update in real time, many times you will receive a message sent in transit or not found even when the product was already delivered the final address. This site is not affiliated with US Official Postal Carrier only provides information on the status of a shipment. If you have a query or problem please click here to contact directly with US Official Postal Carrier customer service . click here